New year resolutions

Same old, same old. Every year I tell myself I want to do this and this and that, and end up with a list on my head full of huge expectations. And you know the thing about big expectations? Don’t get your hopes up, because you’ll crash so hard on the floor you’ll ruin the vibe for the whole year.

I got inspired from¬†muchelleb’s youtube series Reset your life challenge and this year decided to do something different. A vision board looked like a fun, “in-your-face” method. Except I didn’t want to clutter my already cluttered (more on that later on) physical space with it, so I decided to do a digital one and set it up where I will look at it the most: My laptop wallpaper.

I started by doing an exercise on paper: Draw my name in the middle, and then start writing words that reflect what I want. Basically a brain dump of wishes I have for 2019. Anything goes. I tried to do ballons and connect related topics to each other.

Alas, I’m not a designer, so it looked something like this:

don’t judge the messy handwriting

Then I looked at each word carefully and determined a goal. The refined goals I wrote on a yearly to-do list that I’ll be… keeping on Google Keep.

Using Canva and the internet, I built my board with images, words and quotes that reflected what I want this year.

Whenever I look at the end result, this is what I see:

Health – Mental and physical, I want to practice mindfulness. Make things simple but still challenge myself.

Relationships – I have some great people in my life. I want to keep nurturing my relationships with these people, but also meet new interesting people who make me learn new things. I don’t have any room for toxic people.

Work – Being a better professional. This means practising my skills, be it hard or soft skills. Learn more about leading teams. But also learn to do better questions.

Money – Budgeting, saving, getting dept-free. Only buying things I need and investing in what truly brings me joy.

TL;DR: I want to focus on being the best version of myself. Step by step, I’m going to get rid of what’s dragging me down and practice ways to elevate myself.

See ya,

Photo by Samantha Hurley from Burst

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